Sunday, November 3, 2019

Winter Arrives Early

It's been awhile since my last post. A lot has changed in regards to the weather since my mid-summer report. It felt like the fall fishing lasted 10 days then we went straight to winter. Big Sky received its 3rd biggest dose of snow on record during the 31 days of October with a whopping 51 inches. I think this through the bite off quite a bit this fall.

Andy made his yearly pilgrimage out our way and the fishing was tough. We dealt with below freezing temps that really caused us some pain and suffering. Even with the bad weather, we still managed to get into some quality fish.

At the time of writing it seems like the fish in tailwaters are really engaged in spawning, and the freestoners are more of a post-spawn funk with the browns. The rainbows are still active at the right time of day and if you hit a warmer day the Olives really blow up hard and get fish to the surface.

Soon enough fish will pod up in the slower holes for the long Montana winter, usually by January the fish settle in to the change of weather and my favorite time of fishing begins. Until then.....Tight Lines to all!

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