Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Searching for Natives..........

Today was an uncommon day in PA, the sun was shinning! I got up early and went  exploring some new water to catch native brook trout. Found a new spot that wasn't bad and hit up an old one. I saw a few sulphurs popping on one of the little streams which is a great thing to see. In a few weeks I will be staying at Poe Paddy State Park for an entire week of matching the hatch at Penn's Creek. I still haven't been able to fish any of the bigger streams around here yet, Meadow Run looked like the flow was good but the "RIVER" is way to high to venture out on. Later in the evening I took a trip out to my favorite "Crag" in  PA to test my rock climbing skills with a few buddies. I am lucky enough to have an indoor rock wall close to home so I can train in the winter so my forearms did not get destroyed as much as my buddies did. The route is called "The Kitchen" and has a very difficult move you must do to get over a small overhang. I hope to explore a few more routes to the right of the Kitchen this summer.

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