Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sulphurs are here.....

Took a trip to Spring Creek in hopes of fishing over the famous "Sulphur Hatch." The hatch didn't disappoint. Sunday night the sulphurs starting hatching at 6pm with risers shortly after. After missing a few fish on #16 Catskill imitation the next hour was extremely challenging getting fish to take the fly. After close examination the fish were actually taking a size #18 BWO. It was hard to see these little guys in midst of all the Sulphurs but the fish were definitely keying in on them. The next day was a slow one, only picked up 4 fish between two of us all day long. Then all hell broke loose at 6pm again. This time the Sulphurs were in full force and the hatch lasted till dark. The entire stream was bubbling and I had my best day of dry-fly fishing of the year. The next few weeks will be prime time for the Sulphurs, although with the warm temps coming up the hatch will be pushed later and later as the month progresses. Hopefully you can get lucky like us and have a 55 degree day to prolong the hatch.

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