Sunday, June 14, 2009

Black Bear invades my space

River 1210 cfs and clear, water temperature 58 degrees. Fished the river from 4pm-dark today. Saw some Slate Drakes and tons of caddis hatching in the late afternoon. My brothers hooked into about 14 fish and I caught 4. We used any nymph that was olive. Copper John's, Caddis pupae, Hare's Ears. At night the yellow cahill was hatching in great numbers. Went to a slow hole and saw a few fish rise, ended up landing two. While I was fishing I heard a car stop on the road above me, the guy got out of the car and a good size black bear jumped out of a tree and heading toward me! He was about 20 yards from me when he entered the stream and headed my way. Luckily he doggy paddled his way to the other bank and left us alone. Needless to say it was an interesting night. As far as the fishing goes the river is getting into it's summer routine which is a good thing.

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