Friday, September 4, 2009

Fishing Report 9/04/2009

River 879 cfs and 70 degrees above town. Mike and I headed back to "Halfway Hole" tonight from 5:30pm-dark. I took the water temperature and couldn't believe how warm it was. By the way the fish were rising I wouldn't of guessed it to be that high. We had around 15 fish working the surface the entire evening which hasn't happened to me all year. Slate Drakes, Yellow Stoneflies and BWO's were hatching in heavy numbers. The fish were going bonkers and all my action was on dry flies. I caught 6 and missed 4 others on a Toe Head Yellow/Brown emerger and Slate Drake dry flies. Mike also missed some fish on the emerger and caught a nice 17 inch bow on a chocolate Copper John. Tons of spinners at night and the surface action remained good till dark. Great night on the river!

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  1. I really enjoy reading your site. Is there anything more beautiful that a trout, especially native brookies!