Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Laurel Mountain: Spruce Trail Loop

I took another trip to Laurel Mountain yesterday to meet my buddy Shane for some riding. Riding here never gets old. We started out by going down the Mainline Trail behind the ski hut then rode it down to the junction of Spruce Trail. I forgot how wicked this trail can be and they even filled in some of the nasty sections. Great mix of rocks and logs with a few uphill sections that get your lungs busting. We took this out to the road then hit Black Bear to Hemlock. Hemlock is an expert trail that isn't too crazy, it ends up meeting up with Silvermine Trail. We took the road back to Rector Eddie and hooked up with Summit trail to end our loop back at the car. We rode about 2 hours and saw a few other bikers. The weather was perfect again for riding. Great Night!

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