Monday, August 31, 2009

Fishing Report 8/31/09

Water 871 cfs and 62 degrees. Fished "Somewhere in the middle"  today. Got on the water around 11am. First cast produced a fish, this usually results in a good day. Indeed it did, best day I had on the river all year! Caught 8 and missed 4-5, mostly on dry flies.Had one that was about 18 inches everything else was average. I used a Royal Wulff as an imitation for a Slate Drake. They were hatching sporadically the whole time I was fishing and for once the fish were keying in on them. I also saw #20 BWO's and caddis hatching in heavy numbers. I think these cool nights have really helped out the temperature on the stream and the fish are starting to get active. Would of loved to see the spinner fall tonight but had other things to attend too. I hope this keeps up for the rest of the year........

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