Thursday, October 15, 2009

Archery Report 10/15/09

Hunted from 7am-9am this morning. The weather couldn't of been worse. I got in the Sawmill stand and saw two coons that was it. It rained the whole time and was very cold and windy.

The rain cleared for a bit around 4pm. I hunted the Acorn Stand for the second time this year. At about 5:45pm two doe snuck their way up behind me. They were 10 feet from my stand when I spotted them so I couldn't do much but wait and see how they reacted. Both knew something was up and when I moved the jumped. Not too far though, I blasted one at 20 yards for my first kill of the season. It was my 4th hunt at TSI this year, the trend has been 4 hunts = deer sightings or kills. Now I have to work on my buck........

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