Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Archery Report 10/19/09

Had the day off work so I spent the day hunting. Ben picked me up in the morning and we headed up to our spot near townt into the "Slick Tree" stand near the creek bottom. At around 7:20am 2 deer made their way down from the knoll to the right of me. It was still dark but the first one looked like a doe, the second one looked like a scrub buck. Might of been a spike, might of been a small 6 point, too dark to tell. Plenty of rubs and scrapes by the stand. Ben also had some deer behind him but a small game hunted screwed things up for him and he never got a good look at the deer.

Drove back home for the evening hunt. Billy and I hiked back past the water towers and hung our portables where the creeks meet. Looks awesome, but saw no deer. Second time I have hunted back that far with no deer sightings.

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