Friday, October 9, 2009

Archery Report 10/8/09

Hunted from 6:45am-9am about 50 yards from the tree I hunted first time. While I was walking to the stand I spotted some eyes with my headlamp which is never a good sign. Ended up not seeing anything but the tree was in a great spot. Tons of game trails and lots of shots.

Went back out after work from 5:10 pm till dark about 50 yards below my morning tree and 50 across from my first tree. I couldn't see as good in this spot but still had plenty of shooting lanes within 20 yards. This tree was situated 10 yards below a major trail at the lower half of the area I am hunting. Sure enough right at dark 3 large bodies made their way down the trail. I turned right very slightly because I heard a stick break and sure enough the last deer snorted and they were off. My dumb ass walked in on the major trail so I am confident they smelled me long before I moved. I have a feeling the last deer was the buck I am hunting. They outsmarted me tonight but I intend to end this battle by November 14th.

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