Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Archery Report: 11/04/09

Decided to sleep in on the last day of our "Rut" Vacation. Bill and Andy hunted the cross over stand and Ando's stand. Billy saw a 3 point under Andy's stand, Andy saw nothing. I went back to the "Split Creeks" area around 7:30 am. You can see forever and it's a great view but we have hunted here 3 times now with no deer sightings. I only saw a porcupine which was cool.

Billy and I decided to try out Ohiopyle for the evening to give TSI a break. After some discussion he decided to hit up the "Funnel Stand" and I went to my "Crooked Tree" stand. We got in around 3:30pm with light drizzle temp about 38 degrees. I was in my stand 10 min when I saw a 4 or 5 point 30 yards from me, coming from the pines. I think he winded me because he turned around but never got down to Billy. 10 minutes later a Doe came busting across from the road, shortly after a nice 6 point followed. They were headed up to the top of the Pines. 5 minutes after that an huge 9-point came right under my tree following the "Hot Doe." Unfortunately Bill wasn't where I was or he would of had a crack at it. Five weeks of the season has passed and I can confidently say I found a great spot for deer sightings. Hopefully Andy, Bill or my dad can fill one of their tags in this spot. The rut is definitely on full swing, through the last three days I saw more bucks then I ever have for an archery season. Definitely the most productive season I have had.

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