Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Archery Report: 11/03/09

I slept in till 6:30 am on Tuesday morning but Billy, Andy, and my Dad all went out. Weather was party cloudy and 35 degrees. Billy went to the "Twin Tree" Andy went to his stand and my dad went in his stand. They didn't see anything that morning, very slow. I walked up way above the cabin near the "Hidden Valley" Got in my stand around 8:30am. I got lucky and saw tons of action. First a nice 8 point chasing a doe into the laurel, then a nice 5 point half rack chasing a doe up past me. I got Andy and we sat there in the afternoon, saw a 6-point blast by us with another doe. That was the only action anyone saw all day.

Andy and I stayed all day and night. Temperature went to 45 degrees and got windy. He went back to his stand for the evening, I went to the corner of the Oak Flats, my dad was in the Sawmill and Billy went to the "Twin Trees" again. He saw another bear macking on my gut pile but that was all we saw.

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