Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Day Of Gun Season

The weather couldn't of been worse in the morning, about 41 degrees with pouring rain. We only hunted till about 9:30 am because we all got cold. I hunted the "Poop Tree" and didn't see a thing. Billy hunted his stand on the backside, no sightings. Andy hunted the Sawmill and saw the same 3 point we have been seeing all season by some guys truck parked at the "Y." That was all the action in the morning. We went back out around noon. Billy got in the same stand as the morning. My dad, Andy and I went for a hike to the cabin. We saw a few other hunters walking on the trail. My dad stayed put at the cabin while Andy and I went for a hike over the hill. We walked all the way up to the bowl but didn't see any deer. On our way back down the trail we kicked up 5 does that were making their way to other hunters. After that I went down to the Hollow and sat, Andy went to the sawmill and kicked out a doe under his stand. Billy ended up seeing two deer in the afternoon but couldn't tell what they were. He walked down to the office around 4:45pm and saw 3 different bucks with 4-5 does. He only thinks one was a shooter and couldn't get a shot at him.

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