Monday, April 12, 2010

Back On The River..........

Fished the river  tonight from 5pm-7pm. Water was 1,020 cfs and 55 degrees with an awesome green tint to it. This was the earliest I have attempted to fish the river in 4 years so I didn't know what to expect.  Tim is new to fly-fishing and we worked on his cast and drift most of the night which produced great results not only in technique but with a fish as well. He hooked into a famous fish that was easily 18+ inches long. He learned quickly that the fish go where they want on this river and you are just there for the ride. I think he turned 2-3 more fish on Bead Head Hare's Ears. I landed a 17 inch rainbow that looked like he was very healthy from the long winter. I saw a few black stoneflies coming off as well as a tiny caddis. The river looks perfect right now and I think if you put some time in you could catch some fish. I might head back down tomorrow while the level is good.

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