Sunday, May 30, 2010

Green Drakes and Fishing Creek report 5-28-10.......... IT'S ON!

This is the first time that I'm posting so hopefully this works out.

My brother Andy and I decided to head up to Fishing Creek in Clinton County to get some possible Green Drake action for the last time this year. When we arrived it was obvious after a minute or two the the Drakes were in full force, and even a riser or two on the stream convince us that we would be flinging dry flies all day. Andy stuck with pounding the dun all day and was rewarded with slow, but continual success. My day nymphing was much slower.

The catching stopped altogether around 5:00 pm, I think the blue skies and hot temperature finally shut them down. We had to wait until that magic half hour before dark until the catching started up again. It was worth the wait. Between the two of us I think we landed a dozen fat boys on both Sulphurs, Drakes, or Coffin flies. The health and size of the fish we were catching was impressive, reminding me more of Penns Creek brownies. All in all for a holiday weekend the fishing was good to excellent with medium crowding.

I would imagine that there is about four days left maybe five for the Green Drakes at Fishing Creek, so if your feeling looney for drake mania all I can say is------------IT'S ON!!!!!

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