Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Hunt For Drakes:

Fished the river  tonight. Water was clear, 62 degrees and flowing at 1800 cfs. Jared and I fished from 7pm to dark tonight looking for some Coffin Flies. The surface activity was sparse for most of the night, had a few risers toward dark but that was it. We ended up doing more walking then fishing, the water was high and getting to a good spot to cast was tough. There were a decent number of March Browns hatching the whole time, I think I saw a few early season Cahills as well. At about 8:30 I saw a good number of Coffin Flies in the air but Rusty Spinners outnumbered them. Jared hooked into the rainbow above on a Coffin Fly but that was the loan fish of the night. I did not see many Male or Female Duns hatching so I am guessing the hatch is winding down,

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