Thursday, June 10, 2010

Floating The River

Got to experience my first float trip today. Water was coming out of the damn at 1800cfs, water temps 52 degrees and clear. We launched our boat in the morning fog at about 7:45. Mike ( was rowing the boat with Jason and myself, Larry rowed the other boat with Steve. I had on a nymph rig at the beginning but Jason was into trout right off the bat with a White Wooly Bugger. I switched quickly and we landed 3 fish and had a few other chasers. The feeder was chocolate mud so it raised the flows to 3200 cfs and made the water murky. Fish were tough to come by for the next few hours. We flung giant streamers close to the bank hoping for trophy size fish to come up and smack them. Indeed one did, this pig in the photo above ate a 5 inch streamer pattern, might have been the coolest strike and catch I have ever been apart of. This monster rose from the depths and inhaled my fly. After about 7-8 minutes of fighting we brought him to the boat, measured at 24 inches long, second biggest fish I have ever caught. The scenery on the float is worth it alone, next time I hope the water is lower and clearer so we can really go hog hunting.......

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