Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fishing Report 6-18-10

Hit the river today with Matt. Water was down to around 750cfs and looked inviting from the start. We decided to try some different water other than the honey hole that had been producing lately, and because the lower flow would make searching the faster riffles easier than usual. Stepping off the bank into the water, Matt grabbed a branch to steady himself revealing a ready supply of caddis becoming airborn from the disturbance. #20 Blue Winged Olives were also numerous. I quickly scored on the fatty pictured, but that was it for the first couple hours. We moved around some to scout, but didn't run into any fish until I hooked my first Yough rainbow of the year, right at dark. Nothing hatching after the sun left the water, the bug activity was much heavier during the late afternoon.

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  1. There were tons of olives when I floated on thursday as well as a decent amount of midday Cahills...