Monday, June 21, 2010


Fished the river with Danny tonight. Water was 735 cfs and 66 degrees. We got on the water around 6pm. There were some Slate Drakes and BWO's hatching right off the bat. I picked up 1 in a fast moving riffle on a Hare's Ear. About 10 minutes later I hooked two more on the same fly. I saw one fish rise of decent size and caught him on an attractor pattern. There were tons of fingerlings where we were tonight, so I missed and caught 2 of those as well. Danny hooked into a nice brown and caught 1 more on top. Fish started rising in the riffles around dark to Slate Drakes but not in good numbers. There was no spinner fall again but the fishing was DECENT, not great. I am still waiting for the fishing to explode at this level, might have to try and fish it in the morning instead of the evening.

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