Friday, June 25, 2010

Cahill Hatch

Fished tonight below upper access from 6:30pm-dark. Water was 861 cfs and rising, temperature was about 65 degrees. My dad, brother, two friends and I headed down  in hopes of some risers tonight. We fished the usual hole and with 5 of us we covered a lot of water. A great Cahill hatch came off around 7 and lasted till dark. The spot I was in produced rising fish and I ended up hooking into 2 and missed one. I also caught 1 on a green copper john and broke a "Big" fish off on the same fly. Garrett missed a few and his buddy hooked into a few. My brother caught 2 as well, one nice brown pictured above. The hatches seem to be heavier then usual this year.

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