Friday, June 4, 2010

Drake Fever

The fat boy I landed last night gave me a case of Drake Fever  so I decided to make the trek back tonight for some antidote. We rounded up two more people and the whole foursome, me, Matt, Andy, and Jared( Check out Brooks, Browns and Bows blog link), headed out to test the water. The flow dropped from 1200cfs to 900 cfs during the day and it was noticeable in both water clarity and level. The first three hours found us searching for the answer, with no success. A quick shower in the completely sunny skies added to our confusion. The formidable array of hatches that paraded past us last night was out to lunch somewhere else. Besides Andy catching a few small dinkers, nobody had much luck at all. The Green Drake sputtered around dark, and Matt stuck the only fish of the evening, but oooh what a dandy! 21" of fat hog sucked down the last Coffin Fly of the season. As you can see this fish was definitely heavier than his buddy I hooked into last night. If you wanted to fish Green Drakes this year, beyond a long drive north, it's done for all practical purposes. All I can say is you got about 50 weeks to stock the box up until next year.

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