Friday, June 4, 2010

Green Drakes Hunt Continues

Matt and I decided to fish tonight to take advantage of the wadable water level, finally. We headed out around 6:00pm, biking in full fishing garb through some very uncomfortable heat. After stinking up the waders for a couple miles the cold, clear flow of the river felt refreshing. The first hour produced a fish or two underneath, but the bug activity promised a fruitful evening. Green Drakes, Tan Caddis, Sulphurs, and Light Cahills were sporadically popping, with hatch intensity increasing with each passing hour. By 7:30pm there were enough bugs hatching to bring up the nights first risers, and both of us found success, Matt on Copper John droppers, me on Tan Caddis. About 40 minutes before dark the sun slipped slowly behind the ridges, and the trout responded accordingly with more frequent rises. Green Drake duns started emerging and Coffin Flies started swarming. While the number of Drakes and Coffin Flies wasn't overly impressive to me, the risers found the Coffin Flies to their liking. We picked up several nice fish, and then I spotted three or four promising rise forms towards the bank. Working slowly towards these fish proved wise as my first cast was sucked down immediately, then a quick 75 yard run, then a spit hook! I had just LDR'd a monster! Cast number two provided quick redemption in the 22" hog pictured above. I've been at it for four years now on this stream and it finally paid off with the biggest, heaviest brown trout I've ever scored. Two monsters on two casts, this is why you need to fish this stream.

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