Saturday, October 30, 2010

10-30-10 Archery Report: Good day/Bad day

The wind from yesterday continued all day today, including this morning, but again the temperature was nice and cool. Hunted the Oak flats after leaving it rest for about a week and it was a good choice. About 8:30am things got exciting as a real decent half rack walked into range, nose to the ground. Everything went great, got the bow drawn, got the buck stopped, and took a poke at the buck. I nailed him perfect left/right, but used my 30yd. pin when apparently he was only 23-25yds, because I hit him right below the spine. The arrow passed thru to the fletching, but there is no doubt about the high hit. I decided to stay in my stand for at least another hour until I let things settle down, during that time I saw a spike cruising through the same area looking for does. Got down to start the recovery but my stomach started turning when I couldn't find any blood. I searched and searched, then got help and we all looked around but found nothing. Decided to wait some more and came back, but no luck finding blood. I tried to follow the bucks general direction but after I lost sight of it from the stand there are just millions of ways to run. Looked for a couple of hours and still not a drip or anything. I figured I'd walk some nearby creek bottoms and still nothing. Had to give up for the day, and it just sucks. I'll head out on Sunday and walk some more but I have little hope, there is just way too much realestate on this mountain, and other than the first 50 yds, I got not a clue on where it ran. I still can't believe there was nothing at all. Maybe I'll get lucky and pick something up tomorrow.

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