Monday, October 18, 2010

Archery Report: 10-18-10

Billy and I headed out to our trees around 6:15 this morning. Weather was clear skies, 36 degrees with a slight wind. I put Billy in the Power Line Tree and I hiked up to try and find my Bedding Area Tree. Got within 70 feet of the tree and decided to just climb something that looked good. The woods were very noisy this morning, chipmunks sounded like monster bucks chasing does. At about 8:15am a doe came working her way from the pines. It was heading down to Billy but decided to make her way up to me instead. She came broadside at 7 yards and I decided to take her. I shot a bit low but it ended up being a fatal shot, ran about 75 yards and it fell over. We are heading back out in a few hours to see if deer are on the move before the rain comes........

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