Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Creek 4-22-11

Me and Andy went to Spring Creek for a few hours of fishing yesterday, and met up with Ben when we arrived. The water was semi-high, 160cfs at Houserville, but very fishable.I think the cold air temperatures were much more of a detriment than the robust flow. The fishing was not fast and furious each of us was able to score on more than a couple fish. Black Woolly Buggers, BHPT, Copper Johns, Red San Juan Worms, and Scuds all fooled a trout or two. As the rain refuses to quit this April, it was nice just to get out onto the water! It feels like I've fished about a third of normal right now. The forecast kept most other anglers off the water which was an unexpected treat, and left us with our choice of water. No hatches to speak of the entire time on the water, but that is coming soon.

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