Monday, May 9, 2011

5-8-11 Little Juniata Fishing Report

Matt, Mike, and I took advantage of the wonderfully sunny day and went up to fish the Little Juniata near Tyrone PA. The area, in fact the whole state, has been deluged with rain, and this was one of the first opportunities to actually get on this hallowed water. The day started slightly late for us around noon, and we were met with little bug activity when we reached the water. Nymphing was the order of the day, and while each of us was successful, hook-ups were hard to come by. An assortment of nymphs from big Hare's Ears to small midge pupa were eaten, but no one pattern ruled the day.
Our group fished throughout the afternoon, and our persistance paid off around 6:30pm when the first Sulphurs of the season began a sporadic hatch. It wasn't all out mayhem, but it did bring some fish to the surface, a welcome change after weeks on end of chuck and duck tactics. Soon some caddis joined the game to make the end of the day more challenging. It was a decent outing, and it left all three of us with the feeling that this is just the beginning of good things yet to come.

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