Sunday, May 1, 2011


Matt and I headed down to the Delayed Harvest section of a local feeder in Maryland today. Neither of us has fished here before, and only had heard good things, so we were looking forward to the chance to fish it. We arrived around 9:00am and there were already fair amounts of caddis in the air. Black, and tan caddis in various sizes were astream all day, but the rising was sporadic at best. The subsurface game was playing out much better for the entire day, and our tally proved out the good things we have heard about the fishing here. The water was slightly up, and the fishing required good dead drifts to score, but we landed many rainbows and browns throughout the dreary, drizzly day. We also saw Johnny Law busting some greedy sole who couldn't wait for the June 15th deadline on harvesting trout - a welcome sight for those of us who ply the waters for sport instead of meat. All in all a quality day on a quality stream, one we'll be back to for sure.

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