Sunday, June 5, 2011

Little Juniata Fishing Report 6-4-11

Me and my dad hit the Little J from 4:00pm til dark on Saturday. A fairly heavy storm cell moved thru the area dropping some decent rain - but if the river reports hold true, it didn't affect much in Centre County. It definately did not affect the Little J. We fished a few miles above the village of Spruce Creek, and the area we picked was uncrowded, then all of sudden very crowded and left us boxed in some water that proved excellent at dark, but difficult to nymph until then. Light Cahills were very abundant the whole time, but the fish ignored them. A very small #22-#24 Blue Wing Olive was also abundant and in the slowest glides some fish were working them. I managed two fish on a #24 RS-2 fished in the film. My dad hooked up more frequently with some dark sulphur nymphs and of course the Green Ween Machine. The main event waited until 8:40pm to show up, but the #16 Sulphurs were pretty heavy, and a CDC Emerger was the ticket for awhile. After dark we hung around and picked a few off with big Rusty Spinners, Isonychia had been hatching during the day also. A fairly crowded experience, but that is not surprising considering the time of year, but we had a good night anyhow.

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