Saturday, June 4, 2011

River At Last: Fishing Report 6-04-2011

It's been one hell of a wet spring here at home! So wet that it's June and I'm writing my first fishing report for the river.  I felt like it was the first day of bow season when I made my first cast, you never know what each year will give you on this river. Caddis were in heavy numbers at about 5:30 with few fish paying attention to them. As the evening progressed tremendous numbers of light cahills, orange cahills, BWO's and even a few Green Drakes started to appear. I ended up catching 7 fish, all respectable in size, on dry flies. My brother landed 5 good fish, while Mike and Garrett had success as well. Garrett had the bragging rights at the end of the evening pulling in the nice 17 inch brown pictured above. We each had a decent amount of fish feeding on rusty spinners from 8pm on. It's still early season on the river, I hope things keep heating up well into June. I will be floating the river on Tuesday and will post after the trip.

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