Wednesday, June 15, 2011

6-13-11 thru 6-14-11

Got to hit the river the past two nights and had limited action. Monday night I fished from the upper access down to the boat launch. I picked up three respectable rainbows immediately, and thought to myself - This is it. Alas it was not meant to be, the caddis pupa that worked early didn't work for long, along with any other nymphs. I waded up above the project for the last hour and a wonderful Cahill hatch persuaded risers. I picked up some small fish, but nothing to write home about.
Tuesday night my dad, Matt, Danny, and I bike up a couple miles from town. The riffles were perfect, but fish were hard to come by. Between the four of us, every style of fly fishing was employed, dry, nymph, wet, streamer - but we could only find fingerlings or slightly bigger. Caddis, Slate Drakes, a few Yellow Drakes, small Olives were present, but only the small Baetis were numerous. We actually biked out slightly before dark, no surface activity was evident in the stretch we fished.
The river proved itself a mystery again over the last few nights, but the fish are there in generous numbers, so we'll be at it again soon. If you're heading down expect Caddis of all flavors and sizes, Slate Drakes, Yellow Drakes, Cahills, Sulphurs, and hopefully soon some big old Stoneflies.

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