Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lukens Lake, Tenaya Lake: Yosemite National Park

There were two lakes we got to fish on our trip. We hiked up to Lukens Lake once again due to my knee and time restraints. It was only an easy 1 mile hike up to it from the trail head. We got there and saw some fish blood started to boil. Once I rigged up my rod I didn't see many fish....the ones that did rise were in the middle of the lake and far out of reach. There were two other spin fishermen there, the one guy said the lake produced some big fish. I fished all around the thing and didn't get a hit. The other guys didn't either, not sure if this is worth the hike up or not. I saw a bunch of fish rising at Tenaya Lake also. This is situated right along side Tioga Road with easy access. Many spin fishermen were at work here and I saw one guy catch one. I started to fish but a storm came in and quickly ended any hopes of catching lake trout. This lake was really big...a float tube seemed like the way to go on this bad boy.

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