Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lyell Fork: Tuolumne Meadows

We had one day to really "fish" the park so after doing some research I decided our best bet for some small stream fun was the Lyell Fork of the Tuolumne River. This section of stream flowed through an awesome meadow and the land was a bit more "wide open" then down in the valley. You could see much further and the views were just as pretty. This reminded me of a true meadow trout stream in the western setting with snow caped peaks as your back drop. We hiked a trail behind Tuolumne Campground that junctions with the JMT trail. Once we got on it, we hiked all the way till a bridge crossed the stream. We got into the water just below the bridge and worked some pocket water with a attractor dry fly and midge dropper. This was the rig we used the entire time. I picked up a little rainbow right off the bat and thought we were in for some fun. To my dismay...the fishing was tough. Spooky fish and clear water were persistent as we hiked further in. There was also 2-3 other anglers out as well, not sure if this played a roll in our success or not. I did so some fish but once again it wasn't an overwhelming amount. The water here is really nice...more slow pools then pocket water but we only hiked up a mile from the bridge so it might get better from there. The fish were definitely not slamming flies and they seemed just as spooky as the ones on Yosemite Creek. Overall I would say this park is not a fishing destination by any means but it's worth trying out if you are there and want to fish.

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