Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Archery Report 10-10-11

My brothers and Dad have been having decent luck with deer sightings during this early archery season. Andy and Dad have killed two does out of "Dad's Stand" and my brother Billy passed up a decent 8 point. Along with those two kills each has seen numerous deer all over the top area of where we hunt. I decided to make the drive back to hunt the evening last night. I hunted the "Backside" in a spot called the "Twin Tree" where we have killed 3 bucks in the last couple years. The weather was slightly warm, around 75 degrees with overcast skies and a slight breeze blowing toward the water towers. My bad luck continued as I saw no deer. Billy saw one walking down the logging road in the "Oak Flats" and my Dad saw a 3 point in the "Field Stand." I will be heading out Friday morning if the weather holds up so hopefully my luck will change before the October lull sets in.

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