Friday, October 14, 2011

Archery Report: 10-14-11

Went out this morning from 6:30am-8:15 am. Once again the weather as TERRIBLE! Light rain with 10-20 MPH winds, temperature was around 50 degrees but it felt a lot colder with the wind chill. The trees were wet so I decided not to use my climber, went to my ladder stand. I had planned on staying put till noon because I didn't have to work till later today....that was just a thought though, after my short sit and no sightings I decided to bounce and go back to bed! The weather doesn't look that much better for tomorrow morning, still windy but the chance of rain has gone down so I am thinking about sucking it up, taking my climber and hitting up my honey hole. Hopefully I'll see something browsing through the woods.

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