Thursday, October 20, 2011

Archery Report: 10-19-11

I was able to hunt 2 times this week, once in the morning and once in the evening. The morning hunt took me back to my "Honey Hole" where I hunted very heavily the last few years. I gave this area a break early season because I didn't have many shooter bucks on camera from the summer. Anyway, the morning was a breezy one....temperature around 50 degrees but that wind made it feel like 32 degrees. I hiked up to the Bedding Area stand and around 8 am a middle size doe came down from above. Actually walked right to my tree and messed around for awhile. She kept looking back so I decided not to take her.....nothing else ever came and I should of taken this single doe down for meat. Oh well..

The evening hunt on Tuesday was actually what I had been waiting for all season. Warmer temperatures, no wind, crunchy leaves. I took my climber and hunted a new spot.....kind of reminds me of my brother's "Oak Flat" tree stand but it's right next to a bunch of thick cover. Anyway I saw a flock of turkey making A LOT of noise but that was it. I think if you hunted this area long enough you might just see a monster.

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