Saturday, November 5, 2011

Archery Report: 11-05-11

My whole family has been at it hard the last week in the woods. I have been hunting almost every morning and a few evenings....all I have to show for it is 1 doe sighting and 1 dead doe. It felt really good to finally fill one of my tags. I have been hunting at Ohiopyle and the new property I got access too. I have seen lot's of sign but not enough deer. I'm not sure what is going on this year, I may have to reconsider where I'm hunting. My brothers have had an amazing past few days. They have scene at least 10-12 shooters, each came close to kill's but the bucks eluded them. My dad has the bragging rights so far, shot a MONSTER non-typical 17 point out of Andy's stand on November 1st. He was chasing a doe at 5:45pm, my dad grunted to him and he came right up. This is by far the biggest deer any of us have ever killed, needless to say he will be on the wall in a few months! The rut seemed to be kicking in earlier in the week and may have died off just a bit the last few days. The RUT MOON is on Thursday of this week so we will see if that sparks any action my way.

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