Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fishing Report: 3-13 & 3-14

I headed down to the feeder the last two evenings. The stream had great flow with a nice green tint too it. My how this time of year changes things on this little stream. There is plenty of great holding water right now and trout are laying in "Juicy" runs and riffles. I caught about 10-12 fish in the two day's, all fish ranged from 10-14 inches. I forgot to take a water temperature but I would guess it's in the mid 50's. Little Black Stone Flies and BWO's have been hatching sporadically throughout the evening, saw my first rising fish of the year tonight mack a Stone Fly on the water. If the level drops and the stream clears a bit in the next few days I would imagine at some point these fish will key in on these bugs. I only saw 2 other anglers while I was fishing from 5pm-7pm both nights. Feels good to get out in early March for some productive fishing!

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