Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fishing Report: 3-29-12

I headed down to the feeder for an hour after work today. The weather was Sunny and 50 degrees. The water level was about perfect and had a nice green tint to it. I Didn't get the water temperature but the last few nights have been near freezing and it felt chilly. There were about 4 other cars in the DCNR parking lot. I walked along the stream and found a section between 2 popular holes and started to fish a 200 yard section of pocket water that had no other fishermen. I rigged up a #12 Copper John as my top fly and tied on a #12 Black Hare's Ear for my bottom fly. I took my time and fished bank to bank very carefully. I managed to pick up 7 fish, most of them were holding in small deep riffles behind good cover. Fishing upstream helped me present the nymph's drag free in the fast current. There were a good number of mayflies hatching, I didn't catch one but they were too big to be BWO's. I am guessing either Hendrickson's or Quill Gordon's. I saw 2 rises in one of the bigger holes that someone else was fishing. Overall it was a successful night with only an hour to fish!

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