Monday, March 26, 2012

Fishing Report: 3-26-12

I got on the stream today around 2pm. The air temperature was about 50 degrees with mostly sunny skies. The water was high and a bit off color from the recent rains. The bug activity was in full swing by 2pm today. A tremendous BWO hatch was coming off along with a few Hendrickson's. This was the heaviest BWO hatch I have scene on this little mountain stream. I decided to go underneath because of the water level and success struck at the first hole. I caught 1 and moved another with a #12 Black Hare's Ear. I fished downstream pretty quickly for about 2 hours and managed 9 more fish, the biggest being a 14 inch rainbow with good girth, most of the fish took the Black Hare's Ear. It was nice to see some water in the stream again, hopefully these rains and cooler temps stick around a bit and set us up with a great spring of fishing.

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