Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Creek: 3-19-12

Got the chance to head up to Spring Creek last minute today. Arrived on the stream at 11am. I took a quick glance at the water and noticed a few trout right below the surface with their heads up. I quickly assembled my rod and started casting my dry-fly dropper rig. The BWO's were out in sparse numbers where I was, my furry getting ready at the truck wasn't needed. After about 20 minutes of casting to no rises I switched to my pheasant tail rig and went to work. I managed to pick up 4 fish in the riffle above me rather quickly. After an hour or so the fish got more selective. I managed 5 more fish on an assortment of nymph's. The water level is very low for this time of year, we need a bit of rain to bring the level's up a bit. It was nice to get out to Spring Creek this early in the season, hope to make a few more trips up there before the end of May.

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