Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Creek 3-15-12

Got a chance to blow off work on Thursday and head up to Spring Creek to enjoy the insanely warm weather.  Hit the water around 9:30am after a quick pitstop at the Fisherman's Paradise hatchery, which produced both a little relief and a much more impressive bald eagle sighting, two in fact.  After watching one of the eagle's chase off some migrating black birds, it was time for some fishing. 
Fished below the Paradise, and was pleasantly surprised to have almost the entire stream to myself.  Started out a little slow, picking up a fish here and there on small midge pupa patterns, mostly gray and black.  At around 11:00am the olives started coming off, sporadically, and I switched to a BH pheasant tail and a small Baetis specific nymph.  I don't really know or care which nymph caught more trout, but it was intense fun for the next two hours.  It was hook-up after hook-up, and as long as I waded carefully, it felt too easy!  Nothing materialized on top, just a couple dinks in some really slow water, and rightfully so, as I saw very few duns floating on the water.  I guess 80 degrees and sunny will do that to a Baetis hatch.  Once the olives slowed, I took a lunch break, and ate in the new parking area for Spring Creek Canyon.  I counted 19 cars!  So I finished lunch and moved back to below the Paradise, which was much more open.  The fish got lock jaw for the most part, and after a couple more hours of flogging the water, I called it quits on a fantastic early spring day.

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