Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vail Colorado: One Of The Best

The second day of our trip lead us to famous Vail Mountain Resort. Mindy had this on her bucket list and I was always curious about this place because you read so much about it in ski magazines. I would say that the stereotype of Vail is very upscale, very corporate and not a locals mountain. We got the chance to stereotype this place with our own eyes on a bluebird day with temperatures in the mid 40's. Right off the bat we parked in the wrong place in Vail Village, parking was $25 for the day! Looking at the mountain from the base village had me thinking this place was way too talked up, we could see slopes but not many and the crowds were thick. We ventured up the Eagles Bahn Gondoal and quickly realized how big this place was. We took our first 5 runs off the Game Creek Express Lift. We skied across the Lost Boy Trail then dropped in Wildcard, The Woods, Baccarat and Dealer's Choice slopes, all perfectly groomed with great pitches to them. We could of stopped there and had an awesome day. The famous back bowls opened up around 9:30am. We figured out how to get over there and......WOW. This area is a MUST DO. I cannot explain in writing how immense this area is and how fun it is to ski. There are places to ski groomed terrain, intermediate terrain and advanced terrain everywhere you look. Even if the crowds are bad this place can handle it. It reminded me of Squaw Valley but I think this place was even better. Not only that but the Blue Sky Basis area across the valley offered great tree skiing and another bowl to shred. We got tired legs around noon and decided to head back to the car for lunch. It seemed like it took us an hour to ski back down to the base village! Describing this place as a big mountain is an understatement! You could ski here for a week and not ski everything Vail has to offer. I don't care what stereotype Vail has, by far the best mountain I have skied and leaps and bounds better then Breckenridge. We have a few other places to go this week but I will put my money on Vail being the biggest and baddest place we ski on this trip. I will even go as far as saying this IS THE BEST MOUNTAIN I have skied in the country. After sking over 25,000 vertical feet here, I have scene and skied enough to be convinced!

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