Friday, April 6, 2012

Little J - Fishing Report - 4/6/2012

Billy, Beno, my Dad, and I headed to the Little Juniata, the Baree section, today for some more early season fishing. The day was beautiful to any normal person, but with gusty winds and bright blue skies the fishing was challenging. Total I think we combined for about 20 fish to the net, with most coming the way of nymphs. Copper Johns and a Bead-Headed Caddis Nymph did all the damage underneath, while the few fish we caught on top were taken on the Grannom. We found fish rising here and there, but only when the wind died down enough for us to cast to them.  The stream was fairly crowded but we found some open stream in some riffles and worked them over. All in all it was a worthwhile trip and I would bet good money that if we weren't fighting the wind with every cast we would have had more success.

Even wounded he couldn't resist a Copper John

Taken on top with a Grannom

This picture doesn't do this fish justice, he just didn't want to pose...

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