Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Penn's Creek 4-01-12.MP4


  1. Great video! I've followed your blog for a while and I'm impressed with how well you keep it up. If only I had that dedication. ...

    I'm a local up here in central pa. I'm on the streams around three days a week ALL year. If you ever need any information feel free to look me up. I've been on Penns ALOT this year. We probably have crossed paths at some point because I have been fishing the catch and release section a great deal.

    I'm originally from western pa and I fish the yough numerous times a year when I am back visiting family. I have a two man pontoon and I try to float the middle yough every time I get back. If any of you guys are interested in going out in the boat, let me know. I am always looking for people to go with. Also, if you come up to central pa and the water is high, I often take my pontoon out on penns, the little j, or pine if there are enough flows.

    Look me up on facebook if you get a chance. I don't do a good job keeping my blog up to date, but my facebook page has lots of pictures of trips from central pa, alaska, the yough, michigan, colorado, etc... Hope to hear from you soon.

    -Pat Burke

  2. Pat,

    Your lucky you moved to Central PA! My brothers and I went to school at Penn State and Lock Haven so we were spoiled with great trout fishing up there. Penn's is a great place, I'm jealous you get to fish it as often as you do. I would love to take you up on the Yough trip. Let me know next time your in town and we will meet up for sure.