Monday, April 30, 2012

Penn's Creek Fishing Report: 4-29-12

Day #3 was much milder and sunnier. The water temperature at 10:00am was 50 degrees. We fished right above the Catch and Release section. I picked up 1 fish very quickly and thought the hard nymphing from the last 2 days was going to pay off with an easy day. We quickly learned this wasn't the case. Billy and I caught 8-10 fish with the #12 Green Copper John and a #16 Sulphur Nymph. We walked down toward the Broadwaters when the blanket Sulphur began to emerge at 2pm. A few spotty risers convinced us to look elsewhere for trout. We fished down the right braid and I caught 2 fish and missed another on a #16 Sulphur Dun. We fished up the other braid, I caught 1 and missed 1 on a March Brown, Billy landed 2-3 nice fish on a #16 pheasant tail and #16 Sulphur Nymph.

We made our way to the Broadwater again to see thousands of Rusty Spinners in the air. The action wasn't furious but better then the night before. We caught about 8 fish between the two of us. They stopped taking the Rusty Spinner at some point and god only knows what those fish were taking. The midges were sick and so were the craneflies but we didn't have the answer.

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