Monday, April 30, 2012

Penn's Creek Fishing Report: 4-30-12

I fished from 9:30am-2:30pm today. We walked above the foot bridge in Poe Paddy to the "Poe Canyon" section. Tan Caddis were hatching in good numbers when we got on the stream. I saw a few splashy rises and tied on a dry. I caught both fish that were rising. My brothers stuck to nymphs and only picked up 2. I got sick of nymphing and decided to work the pocket water with a March Brown Dry Fly. I fished every little nook and cranny that could hold a fish. I couldn't believe it but I actually got 7 fish to the surface! I only landed 4 of them but man was it fun. The right presentation paid off each time I casted to an eddie behind a rock. I should of been doing this each afternoon!

Overall I thought the 4 days was very tough fishing. The amount of risers in the afternoon was very disappointing considering the low water, cool water temperatures and massive amounts of bugs. This was the first time nyphing Penn's when our StoneFly Nymph's worked poorly as well. My brother's will be up there for the next 4 days, hopefully their luck will turn for the better.

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