Monday, April 16, 2012

Rainbow Riffle

My buddy Danny came back into town and I met him and his brother today. The weather was 81 degrees, mostly sunny skies and very windy. The USGS gauge had the flows  at 950 cfs and the water temperature off the charts, not sure if something went wrong but I can assure you it wasn't above 55 degrees. We went about 2oo yards above where I have been having good luck the last few time's out. Everyone had a nymph rig on and went to work around 2:30pm. Danny and his brother waded across to the railroad track side and fished a few riffles and runs. Their efforts landed them 6 or so nice bows on #14 Copper John's. I had my only fish take a White Wooly Bugger in a fast riffle. The bug activity was down, only a sparse caddis hatch that didn't bring any fish to the surface. Overall the day was still productive in my book. I have been thinking about a nickname for this section of river now that I have fished it 3 times, all the rainbows in the last few day's lead me too "Rainbow Riffle." The "Rainbow Riffle" has one of the highest concentrations of fish I have come across. Hopefully I can find 1-2 more areas like this and I'll have myself a heck of a summer!


  1. Nice report. Look forward to reading more about your "Rainbow Riffle" reports.


  2. Thanks Dave, If past experience's stay true on this river I won't catch another fish in the "Rainbow Riffle" the rest of the