Sunday, May 20, 2012


I fished the river this afternoon from 11am-1:45pm. The weather was sunny with an air temperature of 84 degrees. The water was flowing at 2,450 cfs with a temperature of 59 degrees. I got on the bike in Ohiopyle and road up to one of my favorite holes. I was very skeptical on the ride up because of the flow, I have never attempted to fish the river above 2,000 cfs. I wanted to see if I could locate any Drakes hatching so I could plan out my week. When I got to my spot I noticed a few heads sipping duns in the middle of the river. A few more minutes went by and the entire stretch was bubbling with fish!

#14 Blue Wing Olives were all over the water and the fish were crushing them. I had no fish resist my bunny fly imitation, if I saw a rise I would get a strike. After I landed the first 10 fish I moved downstream a bit and continued to see fish rising. After 13 more fish fell to the bunny fly the action started to die down. I can't believe how many fish were rising in this section, especially in the middle of the afternoon! These fish seem less spooky then in years past. Boats were everywhere and once they moved past the fish continued to rise. I did not see any drakes but there were plenty of olives and Cahills to make the return trip tonight much anticipated!

Part #2: The Evening Hatch

I headed back out tonight from 6:30pm-Dark. The success I had earlier in the day lead me back to the same spot. The same heads that were popping earlier in the afternoon were still chomping on duns, this time they were Light Cahills. I tied one one and went to town. I brought another 20+ fish to the net for the evening, bringing the total of over 45 fish on dries in one day!!!! I know it's hard to believe, trust me I know, I have fished this river hard and never have had a day like this. Coffinflies started showing up right at dark, I tied one on and got 7 heavy strikes on it. I think it's the beginning of the Drake so get out soon if you want to experience it. 

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