Saturday, May 19, 2012

: The Drakes

Headed down to a feeder after work tonight from 6:30pm-dark. The water was flowing low and clear at a temperature of 60 degrees. I hiked in to above the Cascade Pool and started to fish with a Female Green Drake Imitation. I brought 2 fish quickly to the net and missed a few more right off the bat. I saw a few Drakes hatching and right at about 7pm Coffin flies were in the air. The heaviest activity was from 8:30pm on. I was VERY impressed with the spinner fall, heavier numbers then I had expected on this stream. From 8:30 on the action got more intense with fish rising. I managed another 3 fish at dark. Overall it was a successful night, the drakes are on so if you want to fish them I suggest getting on the water in the next few days!

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