Monday, June 11, 2012


I got to fish the river from 7pm-dark last night. The water was flowing at 850 cfs at a temperature of 62 degrees. I fished the slow pool above "Railroad Riffle." The trout were feasting on the surface when I arrived. I tied on a #18 Rusty Spinner but only had one take. The fish were extremely selective and I couldn't pick out the right fly. I had 1 other take on a #20 Dessert Storm but I left with my head down low. Nothing is more frustrating then seeing dozens of fish gorge themselves on the surface and not being able to catch them. There were thousands of little spinners on the water along with a decent hatch of #14 Light Cahills and an assortment of caddis. I think most of the fish were keying in on the spinners. I threw in some smaller spinners to the arsenal when I got home, will see if that does the trick next time out.

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